Mike Spiller L.T.D.F (License to Deliver Fun)

2014 Texas / String Gathering / Sat. March 28-29th

Next weekend y'all! Don't miss it!

Do you remember playing string fingers as a child? This gathering is for folks of all ages who love doing string fingers and sharing ideas with others. Join several of America’s top string teachers as they share how to use strings for entertaining and engaging children while they learn about the history and stories that go along with strings.  Saturday the 29th will be filled with sessions that are sure to delight you.  Be there at 8 AM to enjoy coffee and doughnuts, get your FREE string for the day and meet the staff that will guide you through this String Adventure.  From 10:30 to Noon come for “Telling the Christian Story with Strings.”  What a wonderful opportunity for VBS teachers, Sunday School teachers, Pastors and those planning mission trips, and church youth-leaders.  Using strings to teach the Gospel is our goal here.  Remember, this is a FREE session.  After lunch, arrive for the Free “Children’s String Workshop.”  Children of all ages may attend this class and will learn many shapes found around the world.  This session is from 1:30 to 3 PM.  Your 3:30 to 5 PM session is all about “Magic Tricks, Tricks and More Tricks.”  It is amazing what can be done with a simple string and a ring.  Each participant will receive a FREE string and ring to use while being amazed.  What a super way to empower learning.  At 7 PM we will have a session called “Saturday Night Alive with Strings.”  Of all the games in the world, strings are the most universal.  Mike, Dave and our other staffers have been all over the world to find and study the use of strings in dozens of cultures.  Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of something so valuable.  Strings are a life-time skill.  Your kids will teach their kids what they learn at this day of string fun.  The gathering is sponsored by Mike Spiller from Games of the World and Dave Titus who has written and produced several books and DVDs on string fingers. It is a real honor to have Mr. Titus with us for this event. 

 Friday Evening the 28th

For the more serious professionals out there – come Friday afternoon at 4:30 PM for a Meet & Greet and to share some stories of the presenter’s travels.  At 5:30 we will go to dinner in Boerne and will return at 6:30 PM.  You don’t want to miss Dave’s and Mike’s evening session called “String Figures from the Arctic String Figure Project.”  This includes stories from Arctic villages by Mr. Titus and Mike Spiller.  Mike and Dave have visited the Arctic to collect these stories and shape. This session will begin at 7 PM.   Our last activity of the night will be an “Open Mike” where everyone in attendance will be able to share what they like or learn some from others.  The fee for this Friday Night Program will be $10.00.  Dinner not included.  This session is designed for teachers who will find the MATH in string use, Art teachers that will see the design concepts in them, Camp Directors that will use them in dozens of ways, PE teachers that will use the long strings to make multiple-people shapes and other professionals that work with children on a regular basis.

Note:  There will be books, dvd’s and strings available for purchase during the gathering from Dave’s “String Figure Store.” There will be space for anyone else who would like to provide string related items for sale.

The 1/2 Second Star is very popular as is the Native Drum.  This gal is learning a Magic Release with ring and string.