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Trick Fall in Winter.
Welcome to the this wonderful park!
Reflections of Grace
Mike and his string in Montana
Blessing our collection of game materials.
One of my teachers while at the training
I'm here!
Thanks to Napi for allowing me to work with their students.
A dog on every corner Browning, MT.
Life goes on...
Workshop banner.
Class begins with overview.
Stone People Game
Indian Kick Ball was fun!
Young teachers.
A top made from a Birch limb.
Y-Arrow Game was very popular
Y-Arrow Game
Feather Tossing was cool
Feather Tossing Target.
Spear the Ring was very difficult, but fun!
Richard teaches Double Ball
DeAnna teaches the old game of Shinny
Shinny played by students of Napi Elem.

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