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Plum Stone Game of Chance.
Traditional Games Society Banner
Native Indian Game Equipment
Stick Guessing Game
Game of 10 Sticks Team Challenge
Ring and Stick Challenge
Making the Native Game equipment
Mike in his element - learning about another culture.
DeAnna was so informative.
Buffalo hair to make Double Balls
Stones used in Stone People Game
Boiled Meat, Bannick Bread, and Berry Soup
Worked up a powerful hunger!
Mike with student making theFish Mouth.
Teacher shows us how to straighten a feather.
Mike with Blackfoot Elder
She knew how to make the Double Diamond.
Story Skin
Story Skin Montana
Another elder that knew how to play with strings.
Chili and Fry Bread YUMMY!
Inside the tipi looking up!
Mike with Napi Students
Mike with Blackfoot Chief and drums

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