Mike Spiller L.T.D.F (License to Deliver Fun)


Keep Moving and Stay Fit Training

Region XV / Professional Growth Training

San Angelo, Texas

June 22, 2010


Morning Session – 9:00 to 11:30


Hoot Mora / Afrikaans – Good Morning

Brain Warm-up Riddles

Arrows / Body and Brain Warm-up

Novelty / Hoop House, Chatter ring, Throwing Can, Peteca, Noodle Poppers, etc.

If you’re Happy and You Know It / Come on down, shake some hands, jog, etc.

Swimming Greeting / pat on the back

Hoop House Building Demo / Dragon Fly Demo

Peteca / South American Volleyball

Heads and Hands / points for headers

Ring Slide / Group slide to the Eagle, Group Slide Golf

Lost & Found

Attention Getters / “World Cup” – chant USA / “Cowabunga” – Surf “Dude” / Rattle

                                    Hand, Hand, Foot, Foot, Hip, Hip – Who Ray!

Chicken Pie / 3, Chicken Wing / 4, Chicken Heart / 5, Chicken Dinner / 6

Gudag, Jambo, Howdy Sir Handshakes

My Space. Calm / all find their own place in the gym

Fitness Song / Jog for fitness, jog for fitness, jog for fitness everyday, etc.

Seal of Approval & O-Vation / Affirmation Tool

Xs and Os / X=1, O=2, X&O=3

Fitness Partners Handshake

Street, Child, Home

Chinese Alphabet / Say what I say and do what I do warm-up

4 Jump Rock, Scissors and Paper

Muk  Chee  Bba / Korean Rock, Scissors & Paper jumping game

Suit or Color Card Race / playing cards

Animal Magnetism / partner warm-up

Connect and Travel / partner movement activity

Tie-U-Die / Same You Are Out of the Game – Bear, Fish & Mosquito

Dagger / Finger Fist Challenge

Cat on the Fence Challenge – hand touching only

Croc of the Nile Challenge – snap the other player’s hands

Dodgem / “Eerk” before running into another couple

 Dodgem Jog / move from line to line with partner

Wheels / Grouping Activity – 1 unicycle, 1 car, and 1 tricycle = 8 in the group

African Warm-up / All connected – change on each whistle

Closch Pied Collectif / Team – all connected in line – hop on one leg

Frog Ziz Zag / Team jump left, right, back, and forward 3 times / repeat

Grouping Activity / 10,000 Men song – “There was a mighty King,” etc.

Invisible John / 2nd player can take the group at any time

Switch, Change & Rotate

Greek Ball / toss ball over to next, last player runs to front and repeat

Gold, Silver & Bronze / Team Rock, Scissors & Paper Game – collect sticks for points

Lunch / 11:30 to 1:00


Afternoon Session - 1:00 – 3:30


Stations of Fun – Demo of each activity and then free play for all

Spot Tennis – all hits are up, hit the paper 3 times to win

Foxtails – catch it by the tail

Toy Time-line / laminated sheets

Car / Chevy Time-line / laminated sheets


Chatter Rings

Wolverine - jumping game


Tugs – partner pull over the line challenge

Throwing Can

Noodle Poppers

Frisbee Bocce

Human Pinball – player stand ankles touching, push ball through legs

String Star

Ring Slide Games


Bop Zerk / balloon team challenge for time

Sole to Sole Volleyball / with balloons

Egyptian Sticks Challenge / using noodles

Este’s Swiss Team (5) Challenge / using balloons and 1 ball per group

Immunity Tag / safe if 2 connected or 3 down

Swedish Skill Tag

I Need Buns Tag

Hoop Soccer Tag

Hoop Bandana Tag

See Ya  Tag

1,2,3, Hoop Challenge / each player steps in and out of hoop as fast as possible

Pass Tag / players toss to each other, whistle and chase the one with ball

Patty Cake Polka / line dance / “Here today, came to play, made some friends along the

            Way, yea haw!”

French Fire / British Fire

Flag Pass / we used a ball to pass

Dead Bug / group challenge

Hit & Switch / beach ball challenge moving from one side of the line to the other

Exercise Horse Race / Guess the exercise on the selected card

Fill It / team initiative to fill the central box as quickly as possible – our best was 47 sec.

Circle Up!

Rock, Scissors & Paper 360 Game / all play same time – check your neighbors – points

Simon Says Oops / say “oops” if make a mistake and jog to new location – all applaud

I’ve Got the Power / Circle Warm-up – shared leadership for students

High – Low Noodle Passing

½ Fast Track / Tic-Tac-Toe game in the center of the circle

Trap the Tigers / circle game – “Trap us Now!”

Fill in the Space / circle game

Jump Stick Relay

Over & Under Relay

Noodle Flip Relay

Olympic Letters / group run to make 2nd letter of Olympic word – Skiing (K)

Soccer Circle Relay / scrum-up!

Totally Involved Relay

27 Relay / listen for your number and pass ball to receiver

Lily Pad Relay / to build the hoop house

Prone Roll Under / all in push-up position – roll under and run to roll again

Passed Over Relay / connect ankles, pass and run to connect on other end

Heart to Heart / Coach to Coach – Friend to Friend – we always win!