Mike Spiller L.T.D.F (License to Deliver Fun)

Party Games


4 Jacks  / Game of Chance / Posted 12-1-09

This card game is a huge success with all age groups. Deal out the deck of cards to each of the players in your group.  Keep the cards face down.  The players move around the circle turning over one card at a time and placing them in a pile in the center.  The player turning over the first Jack gives a number between 1 and 20.  The second Jack will give a location in the area (under the table, in the corner, in the shower, etc.)  The third Jack gives the direction of what is to be done (jumping jacks, stand on a chair and cluck like a chicken, shout-out “The British are coming, the British are coming!  The player turning over the forth Jack has to go do all the above.  It might be 10 push-ups while singing the Barney song under the conference table.  This can be very silly, but so much fun.

10 Boom Elimination Game / Posted 12-1-09

Make a group of player into a circle facing inward.  In this game a player can say 1 or 2 numbers when it is their turn.  If a player is number 10, they are out and must sit down.  This 1st player can say 1 or 1, 2.  If he/she says 1, the next player can say 2 or 2, 3.  This continues around the circle until a player is deemed the 10 player.  Play until there is only one player standing.

!Bumtokneesia / Just for Fun Game / Posted 7-30-2010

For this game you need a deck of cards.  The larger the cards the better.  You might want to use 5 X 7 index cards as well.  One pair will challenge another for points.  This is a game where two people get very close so make sure the pair is comfortable with this before playing.  One pair has the cards and will give the other pair a connection of some kind.  I might say to the other pair, finger to shoulder.  The other pair must place the card between one of their fingers and the other’s shoulder.  If the card stays in place, the game continues.  Next, I might say, knee to knee and the other pair has to place a card between their knees.  This continues until a card is dropped.  At this time, the pair counts how many cards they were able to hold in place for their team score.  The pairs reverse roles and play continues.  You might have each pair play 3 times and then add up their score.  How about, thumb to nose or elbow to ear?

Buzz-Bomb Balloon / Balloon Game / Posted 8-27-2010
All players inflate their balloon. Some players may need help.  When the adult helper says "1,2,3,GO!"  The players release their balloons in the direction of the target. If you are having a theme party, use a picture from the theme as the target center. Score 5 points for the closest balloon and 15 points for a direct hit. This game works well with teams - each team gets their own colored balloons; red, blue, green etc. Or, you do not need to keep score at all and just have fun playing the game several times

CAKE-WALK / Birthday Party Game / Posed 8-26-2010

Set up a circle of numbers on the ground and have everyone stand on a number.  Begin playing festive music and have everyone walk from number to number. Draw a number from a hat and then stop the music. Whoever is standing on that number when the music stops is the winner!  I have played this game at many school carnivals where the prize is a cake. But, you can give away something different.

DANCE CONTEST / Posted 8-26-2010

Play some old Chubby Checker "Twist" music and see who can twist the best!  You will just have to pick out a judge and let them pick the winner.  Of course it doesn’t have to be the twist.   It could be the Macarena.

HOT POTATO / Small Group Fun / Posted 8-26-2010

Everyone sits in a circle and passes the potato from one person to the next. Someone calls time or stops the music and the person left holding the potato is out. Continue until there is only one person left. Maybe this could be changed slightly and called Hot Pikachu or the Hot Banana or whatever?

Huntsman / Chair / Story Telling Game / Spiller Original
Posted 1-23-2010

This game will use the same chair formation as Ankle Passing.  Give each player in the chairs a card with a word on it.  If you’re going on a Hunting Trip, the word will reflect this trip.  You might have: boots, coffee, junk food, bears, stream, Jeep, socks, fire wood, binoculars, underwear, smoke, forest, etc.  One player is selected to walk around the chairs and the room and tell a story about the Hunting Trip.  He/she has to use the words that the seated players are holing up while building a story.  If your word is called out, stand and follow the storyteller.  At anytime, the storyteller can shout,”BANG!”  On this signal, all the players (including the storyteller) rush to get a chair.  The player not getting a chair is the next storyteller.  How about a trip to the zoo or maybe the moon!  Remind the players that there is no diving for chairs and no stepping over chairs as well.

MUSICAL CHAIRS / Posted 8-28-2010
Everyone hates to be the one left with "standing room only".  Just set up a line of chairs, one short from the number of players and start the music. Everyone walks around the chairs and sits down once the music stops.  Whoever is left standing has to drop out. Take away one chair so you are short one and start the music again. This continues until only one person has a chair.  They are the winner of this party game!

One Word Songs / Posted 5-11-2010

Divide your group into teams of about 8 to 10 players each.  Have each group make a circle facing in so they can hear each other well.  Give each team a different song to sing.  There is a catch to this activity as the players can only say one word of the song at a time.  If the song were “Jingle Bells,” the 1st player says “Jingle” and the 2nd says “Bells.”  The 3rd would say “Jingle” and the 4th would say “Bells” again.  The 5th would say “Jingle” and the 6th would say “all,” etc.  Can the group make the song sound good and keep it in rhythm?  You might try “Home, Home on the Rang,” or the “Star Spangled Banner.”  It’s a nice challenge, easy to initiate and a great filler activity.

Pig Dice Game / Posted 7-30-2010

PIN THE TAIL ON THE DONKEY / Posted 8-28-2010
One of the oldest and most favorite party games.  But, it doesn’t have to be a donkey. Change the donkey and the tail to match your theme! 
  - Pin the butterfly on the 
  - Pin the heart on the tin man
  - Pin the tail on the T-Rex
  - Pin the tail on Pikachu
You get the idea.  Then each child is blindfolded and gets a try at placing the tail as close as possible to where it supposed to go.  The closest is the winner.

Wiz-Kids / Great Party Game / Posted 828-2010
The Discovery Toy of the year available here on Home page
If you haven't played "Wiz-Kids" you haven't had fun yet.  It's a blast. 

WHO AM I? / Large Group Energizer / Ice Breaker / Posted 8-26-2010

Place a picture or a name of someone or something on the back of everyone at the party. Then everyone takes turns asking others questions about who they may be (what's on their back). The only answer you can give is yes or no.  The first one to figure out who or what they are will be the winner. I played this game one time at a company function where everyone was a star from a movie. I was Superman.  Of course superman was the last to figure it out!

Zombie / Party Game

Pick one person to be the Zombie, that player will not be given a balloon. All other players will be given one balloon with a piece of string to tie around their waste. Once the balloon is tied on, players must position the balloon to be in the middle of their back clearly exposed. Players are given a 45 second head start to hide from the Zombie. The Zombie is released to go and make other Zombies by popping other student's balloons. Once a player's balloon is popped (either by accidentally or by a Zombie) they become a Zombie and begin to pop other player's balloons as well. The game is timed and at the end when the allotted time is complete, any non-Zombies will be given a treat. You can play this great game at a youth group lock-in, birthday parties or sleepover. An option is to play this in the dark with minimal lighting.