Mike Spiller L.T.D.F (License to Deliver Fun)

Small Group Games & Activities

ABC Descriptions / Small Group Activity / Posted 1-7-2010

 You will need a flip chart or poster board and a marker pen for this powerful sit-down activity.  Have your group sit in a circle and have the kids think of adjectives that positively describe your camp or classroom.  The first player will say an adjective that starts with an “A” such as, “This camp is ACTIVE.”  The next player in the circle must an adjective that starts with a “B” such as, “This is a beautiful gym.”  List all the adjectives on a flip chart and continue until you’ve used adjectives from the whole alphabet.  Title your list “The ABC’s of Our Great Camp,” and publish it in your next camp bulletin or newsletter.

Add an Action / Memory Challenge

The players sit in a circle, and one begins by performing some simple action (clapping hands, waving arms, crossing arms, etc.).  The next person must then repeat this action and add a new one.  Play continues with each person repeating all of the previous actions in the right order and adding one. Anyone who cannot remember the previous actions or who is laughing too hard to continue drops out of the game.  The actions can go around the circle several times until only one player is left.

Beach Ball Wall Challenge / Small Group Challenge / Spiller Original / Posted 6-20-2011

 Make teams of 3 to 5 and give each team an inflated beach ball.  Each team will stand about 6 feet from the wall to start the challenge.  The objective is to strike the ball against the wall as many times as possible before the ball hits the floor.  Players may not hit the ball more than once each time they hit the ball and a player can’t hit the ball against the wall 2-times in a row.  No feet can be used to kick the ball unless the group states that feet are okay.  Try to set a hands-only record and maybe a hands and feet record.  Each team should go for their best numbers and then have groups challenge each other to find your top Beach Ball Wall Champs for the day.

Face-to-Face Team - Bean Challenge / Spiller Original Posted 1-23-2010

Have two teams face each other.  Each player should be directly across from another player.  The teacher will show the players that he/she has 10 beans in his/her hand.  The teacher will turn around and place X number of beans in a single hand.  The teacher then turns around and asks if the 2 players are ready.  Both players should be concentrating on the teachers closed fist.  When the fist is opened, the players try to yell out the number of beans it will take to make 10.  If the hand had 6 beans in it, a player tries to be the 1st to yell out 4!  If the hand had only 2 beans in it, a player would want to yell out 8!  The first to give the correct number gets the point.  The teacher then goes to the next two players and repeats the process.  A point is once again awarded and the teams keep score.  First team to 10 wins the game.

Hand Baseball / Just For Fun / Spiller Original Posted 1-23-2010

This is a game that goes way back for me.  I loved baseball and played it whenever I could.  This hand game of baseball came in handy while on camp-outs or whenever I got bored.  It is best played in pairs.  Draw a baseball diamond on a sheet of paper or in the dirt.  Get five items to use as batter and runners.  Decide which player will go first.  Each player will place one hand behind their back and the two players verbally spell "F-U-N." 
On the letter "N," both players bring their hand forward with as many fingers up as they wish (from 0 to 10).   They total the number of both hands and the result will be a hit or an out.

0 = single         1 = Out           

2 = single         3 = Out           

4 = Double      5 = Out

6 = Triple         7 = Home run 

8 = Out             9 = Single       

10 = Double

Have the players move their pebbles around the bases and make sure you keep track of the outs and runs.  I really love this game and I’m sure you will too!

Look Up - Look Down / Small Circle Posted 3-2-2010

This is one of the Spiller Fillers that always works and could be used when there is just a few minutes left in the class or you’re outside waiting on a bus.  Make a circle of 6 to 12 players, all standing very close to each other.    Each circle will have a player that will be the “caller.”  This player will start the game by saying, “Look Down!”  Each of the players lowers their heads and look down at the floor.  When the “caller” says, “Look Up!” all the players must raise their heads and look directly at another of the players in their circle.  If any two players are looking at each other, they are out of the game.  These players back away from the circle, the circle closes up and the commands are given again.  Players continue to dropout until there are only one or two players left.  It’s quick and easy.  This is the kind of game that the kids will take back to their neighborhoods and play with family and friends.  Let’s continue to build their social skills with neat games like “Look Up - Look Down.”

Human Jacks / Small Group Activity / Spiller Original / Posted 6-20-2011

Make a circle of players and select one player to start in the central hula hoop.  This player has an inflated balloon to use as the ball.  The circle players will stand about 10 to 15 feet away from the hoop and facing the hoop.  The central player will bop the balloon into the air, quickly run to touch one of the players (this player sits down), and back to catch the balloon before it hits the floor.  The catch has to be made with both feet in the hoop.  This process continues around the circle until all the players are sitting and the last balloon bop is caught.  It is now time to touch 2 players (they sit) and get back in time to catch the balloon.  Can a player make his/her way around the circle of players without any mistakes?  Play continues by adding an additional touch each round.  If a player can’t catch the balloon after touching the player/s and the balloon hits the floor, the next player takes his/her turn.  Variation:  When just learning the game, use chalk and draw a larger circle in the center.  This will make the game a bit easier to start.  

Thankerchief / Posted 1-5-2010

Make a circle with your group and give a bandanna / handkerchief to a player.  This activity is very much like the Native American Indian activity called the “Talking Circle.”  The player with the item will tell the group something they are thankful for and hand the item to the next player.  This continues around the circle until all players have had an opportunity to speak.  Remember a player can “pass” as well.  This is a great activity to do around Thanksgiving. 

Variations: 1 – Something I like to do.  2 – Something that makes me laugh.  3.  Something about my pets.  4 – What I did this summer, etc.

What's My Line ? / Guessing Game / Posted 8-27-2010
The children sit in a circle. One player leaves the room.  While she is away the others decide what she should be when she returns. If they decide on a Rock star, for example, they call her back and she has to ask each player in turn what she has to buy for herself. One will say guitar, another a fancy costume, another a microphone and so on. If the "guesser" goes all the way around the circle without guessing what she is, then she must go out again. Then the players will choose something else. This game is very easy to adapt for different age groups , 
interests, and party themes. 

Z-Words / Spiller Original / 4-24-2010

Have your group make a circle for this quick thinking / funny word game.  Tell the players that they will have to say existing words that start with a “Z” or a word that they make-up with a “Z.”  The game starts with most of the known “Z” word such as zip, zero, zoo, zap, zombie, etc.  If a player can’t get a word found in day to day use, they make-up one and state it proudly to the group just as if it were a real word.  The “Z” words should be stated quickly around the circle.  If a player hesitates or can’t find a word within 3 seconds, they are eliminated and the next player will start the new game.  Play until 2 players are facing each other just tossing out made-up “Z” words.  The next time you play this game, change the letter.  You might tell the players that they are now going to play C-Words.  Select a new leader and start this crazy word game again.