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Games of the World
UK & European Tour 2009

Greetings everyone and thanks for checking in with me while I was on tour.  I hope you enjoyed the photos that I posted here and most of all I thank you for your support through the years.


Mike Spiller / L.T.D.F. (License to Deliver Fun)

I have arrived in the UK and have been ever-so busy.  Within 2 hours of my arrival I was in the beautiful county of Devon doing a training for a local Girl Guide group.  Here I am in the center in my red baseball cap!


                 Keith & Eve Townson - My wonderful Devon host.

Mike finally got to play British Skittles                Here I am in Sidmouth       Looking south at the beach in Sidmouth

Coastal hiking along the Devon coast.  Here I am in the seaside village of "BEER."

This pub game of Table Skittles is a rare find today.  I found this great old game in the village of Beer on the Devon coast.

After a very long walk, I'm enjoying a local brew and a Ploughman's Lunch in Branscombe, Devon - UK

Pinewood Circus Camp has begun.  The camp in located in Berkshire which is just about 20 minutes from London by train.  I have just finished the first week of camp and I must say we had some wonderful campers and my staff was outstanding.






Weeks # 1, 2, 3 and 4 have been a huge success - Thanks parents, kids and staff!!

Chris Bowler & Mike Spiller
A million thanks to Chris and his family for hosting me while I was in England.
Chris is the Director of the Pinewood Gymnastics Club near Wokingham, England.  Pinewood was the site for the 2nd Annual Circus Skills Camp.  What a great time we had at camp and just hanging out together.  Again, thanks Chris, Carrie and Alan for a wonderful stay.


The City of Bath

After all these years and many visits to the UK, I finally made it to the city of "Bath."  My father was stationed here during WWII and I promised him that I would one day get here and enjoy this delightful city on the Avon.  This is the area of the famous Roman Baths.
The Abby at Bath

Roman Baths and having fun with Strings & Roman Citizens

My lunch - a "Full English Breakfast" pastie - Yummy!

This is what I live for - more information about games.  Here I am in a small antique / old book store in Bath.  I found the old game of Muggins here and a wonderful book of old British board games.
Made my way to the "Crescent" in Bath.  Home of early Dukes, Earls and Roman Lords.  Met some teens on the lawn and played "Cat's Cradle" with them for a while.

Walking around the City was a real treat.  Beautiful sights every turn.  I even found one of my favorite things - a MAZE with a raised Roman mosaic center.

One of my missions, as I walk, is to find a good cheese, some fruit, local bread and a nice local wine.  My dinner, this day, was by the lake at the University of Bath.  I find a quite spot and just reflect on how wonderful my life is and how grateful I am to be able to do what I do.  TYJ

Bradford on Avon
I found this little village close to Bath.  It was a 10 minute train ride away and I'm so glad I took the time to come see it.  My day here was very relaxing with walking and eating...  I watched a Cricket match, walked the Shambles, went to the old Saxon Church, went shopping, had lunch at a 17th Century Tea House, took time to enjoy the roses, visited the Weaver's Fair and took a long walk along the Long Boat Canal.



This was a nice day-trip to George Harrison's village before he died.  The river was busy and wide.  The sun was out most of the time.  Met a nice family at the Anchor Pub and played Cat's Cradle with their daughter Katie.  The pup at the pub was a real treat as well.


Back to Guildford, England for a sunny day of sight-seeing, pubbin', and shopping for cultural games.
Guildford Castle and gardens
High Street - Guildford, England & I'm playing "Hanoi Tower" that I found at a Charity Shop.
A wonderful Ploughman's Plate at the oldest pub in Guildford - The Kings Head.  Here I am with the manager of a great toys store and she introduced me to some very nice games from other parts of the world.

Mike visits and spends time sharing information with Barracudas Day Camp in Wokingham, England.


OXFORD, England
Oxford was the next city of choice. 
A city with 60 plus colleges and every so beautiful.


Portsmouth, England
Portsmouth Gymnastics Club
What a super group of gymnasts and coaches.  We had a great day of games and then went for a nice meal and 9-pin bowling.
Thanks everyone for a very fun and exciting time.



The Emerald Isle - Ireland
My week here has been remarkable to say the least.  I was honored to be the guest of Mr. Eugene O'Halloran of County Wicklow.  I want to say thanks to him for showing me the real Ireland and to remind him that he has a home in Texas whenever he wants to come that way. 

The ladies are lovely and the "Fry-ups" delicious.  Irish villages are stunning this time of year.
Visiting a sacred stone out-cropping and prayers for my mother.  Traveling and sharing fun as I go!
Thanks to St. Kevin's School for a day of great teambuilding activities.  The students were brilliant!
If you ever get to this part of Ireland, you really must see this sacred place by moonlight - very inspirational.

Beautiful gardens, old carvings, and looking for the "Little Lads" in the forest.
Carved Celtic stone chair, lovely flowers are everywhere and I found a little one!
Beautiful views around every bend, singing and fiddlin', and what would Ireland be without a pint of Guinness.

Many thanks to Deirdre Starr, her husband and her son for teaching me how to play the Celtic drum, make the Cross of St. Bridig and for the wonderful time Eugene and I had in their home.  Deirdre Starr has 4 CDs out now and her latest is called "Deirdre Starr - the tree below the road.  I highly recommend it - you will love it if you like Irish Folk Music. to hear sample songs

Eugene O'Halloran - my friend and a friend to the universe.
Thanks for a fantastic time and for showing me the REAL IRELAND.

Zurich, Switzerland

Switzerland is the place to be if you love cheese.  While in Zurich, I made my way around town by tram, bus, foot and bike.  It was a super experience and I encourage others to come enjoy this lovely place.

It was a wonderful time working with the students of the Deaf School in Zurich. Thanks all!

Mike with Old Town Zurich in the background.
We played many games including the Hoop House Challenge and Abandon the Ship.
What a great time we had at these High Schools in Zurich.  Many thanks to Esther (teacher) for the many great ideas you shared with me and a huge thanks to the students for all you joy and energy.

While in Zurich, the students helped me learn the new game/sport of Small Ball.

Here's to you Esther, Jan, and all my friends in the international city of Zurich.

Southern Switzerland / Valle Maggia

What a beautiful part of the world this is.  It's like a dream come true.  I was in this area to visit with my long-time friend and ex-gymnast - Lara.  She is married to Andrea Dalessi and has three beautiful kids - Tosca, Flavio and Fiamma (Flame).  While in this area, I was able to work and play with a group of gymnasts near Locarno.  Tosca is on the team so I went in and trained with them and did some team building activities.  Thanks to their teacher and the girls for a great time.  I hope to see you all again some day.

You just have to see this valley to believe it.  It is truly a bit of heaven here.

Paris, France

What a magical place and the weather was super.


Where will Mike travel next?  Stay tuned!