Up It's Me Mike Spiller Slideshow

This is a glimpse of what I do around the world.

Mike on a bike Salado, Tx.
Mike with Blackfoot Chief
Mike Sedona AZ.
Mike in Wales with Gymnasts
Mike in Scotland
Mike in Belize with Students
Mike defends the Blarney Castle Cork Ireland
MS and Elvin
Mike Trafalgar Sq.
Mike finds game in UK
MS @ Play
Mike in Switz. Yv
Mike with Pueblo Girl
Mike, Zoe, Stan N. Wales
Mike SF NM 07
Mike Romilly Sch Cardiff UK
Mike receives award in the UK
Mike Peteca Play
Mike on Mt. Rigi Switz. 2
Mike New Mexico
Mike n Wales
Mike karate kid
Mike Jet NJ
Mike in S. England with String Friend
Mike in Montana with Blackfoot girl
Mike in Hawarden N. Wales
Mike GOW WS 1
Mike Circus Hat
Mike Childer Thornton N. Wales
Mike by Lake Luzern
Mike Bore Place Kent UK
Mike at Moon Rabbit Toys Santa Fe
Mike at Foxlease 08
Mike Anglesey School
Mike & Pinkie Pinewood Gym UK
Mike & Militia
Mike & Globe
Mike & Fill at Circus Camp
Mike & Chris Cavert Arizona
Long Island, NY with String
Lawn Bowling in Cornwall UK
Jungle 004
Hawaii Game MS
Hawaii Chicken Fight
Hawaii Checkers
Games of the World Office Giddings, Texas
Eek Shopping
Eek Caribou Stew
Early Circus Neff K
Dream Catcher Lady
Docs w Leader
Docs Pub & Game
Deaf Mike Flag Zurich 05
Deaf Gp with Mike 05
Copy of Hula Hoops Giant  Mike
Circus Camp UK 08
Circus Camp Fun
Chicago 5th Graders & Mike 09
Chicago 5th Grader learns from Mike
Cherokee Julie Crown
Cain w POP 04
British Parade & Me
Blarney, Ireland String Play
Arm Wrestling
Alaska Research MS
Africa Jail with Youth
Yan-Koloba Training 09
Welch Gymnasts with Spiller
UK 12-19-07 Christmas at Gym
UK 12-19-07 244
UK 12-19-07 104
UK 12-19-07 056
Traditional Games Workshop Montana
Tower of London with Roman Statue
The Physician of Phun
The Bean in Chicago 09
TEAM 09 with Friends
Swedish Srs. Chicago
String MS Blocks
String Eek Horns 1
Special Needs George
POP Quote 1
POP Award ACA 03
POP @ Red Cross MS 1
Pendinnis Castle Cornwall 08
Pendenis Castle with String Cornwall, UK
Namibia Kids
MS with Bull
MS Winsor Castle
MS Wales Gym KIds
MS w Welsh Students
MS w Old Toy
MS w Cherokee Kids
MS w Cherokee Campers
MS w Chair Boy Eng
MS Tenn. Courthouse
MS Teaching String Trick
MS Teaches
MS teac Lizard
MS Taos Day Sch
MS String Tenn.
MS Speaks GS 04 a
MS Shakespear
MS Sail Cancun
MS Profile Drawing
MS Play Chess
MS Pagota Tower
MS P&R Austin
MS Many Strings
MS Little Ones
MS Learns Egyptian Gm
MS in Morristown NJ
MS in France
MS in Book Shop
MS Guilgford Univ. Stacks
MS Globe Kids
MS Court Bldg. Tn.
MS Clown Make-up 2
MS China Town 2
MS Cherokee Staff
MS Canada Travel
MS by Tree 03
MS Big Group
MS at Zip Zap Circus
MS at School

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