Mike Spiller L.T.D.F (License to Deliver Fun)


Ninja Slap or Ninja Ken

Player Rules:

 Stand facing your opponent

Place your hands together and countdown "3, 2, 1, ninja!" (bowing is optional)

Make a Ninja pose.

Player 1 takes one swift movement to try and slap the Player 2's hands

Player 2 makes one motion to move out of the way.

Player 2 goes to slap Player 1's hands.

Player 1, of course, moves out of the way. continue #4-#7 until one player hits the other player's hand.

IMPORTANT: once a player attacks (or dodges) they must FREEZE in the position they left off. (if you were to swing upwards as your move and you end with your hand in the air, your hand must stay in the air until you are attacked or it becomes your turn).

Instead of attacking on your turn, you can reposition your current stance. you cannot reposition two turns in a row.

The object of the game is to use your hand to hit your opponent's hand. HAND means fingers, thumbs, backhand, and palm. Contact by wrist or arm will not get your opponent out.

3 or more players:

Stand in a tight circle, with all the players facing inward, holding both hands in with closed fists.

Place your hands together and countdown "3, 2, 1 Ninja!" (bowing is optional)

All the players jump back and strike a Ninja pose.

Player 1 can attack whoever is near them (attack as in; slapping another opponent's hands) with one swift motion.

Turns are taken in a counter-clockwise motion. (Player 1 goes. Player 2 is to their right. and so on...)

It continues around the circle.

You can only move if you are attacked or if it is your turn. if not, then you must stay frozen.

After attacking or dodging, you must freeze.

If a player's hand is slapped, then they are out of the game. they must stand back, out of the ring, (maybe arms folded to represent you’re out-ness).


You are not allowed to hide your hands by tucking them in. you can place them behind your back, but you cannot place them in your pockets, fold your arms, or tuck them in your legs, unless, of course, you are out.

·         HAND means fingers, thumbs, backhand, and palm. slapping a wrist or arm does not count.

·         You can only move if it is your turn or if you are dodging an attack, if not you MUST FREEZE.

·         Play until there is one last person standing.

·         You can reposition if it is your turn. repositioning takes up your turn and you cannot attack until it is your turn again. you cannot reposition 2 turns in a row.

·         Make sure you know whose turn it is at all times. be ready to dodge anyone in the circle.

·         It is acceptable to alter the rules allowing for full body play. In this mode one may only attack with their hands but can attack any part of the opponent below the neck.


·         Is extremely addictive.

·         Slaps will leave red marks on hands.

·         If your hand is on, say, your chest, and someone attacks said hand, and you move it out of the way, they may accidentally hit your chest. Having the wind knocked out of you is a possibility. Being backhanded in the groin is also possible. Be mindful when slapping at a female player when hand is over chest, as it may leave you with a very sore rump, groin, or arm.

·         Be careful where your follow-through will land. If someone's face or other body part is in line with your slap, be prepared to stop early so that your don't knock them out.

·         You may wish to become a Ninja for life.

Things You'll Need

·         One or more friends

·         Quick reflexes