Mike Spiller L.T.D.F (License to Deliver Fun)



Testimonials from Educators and Youth Leaders Around the USA


Hey Everyone,
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much my Camp and Counselor’s needed your training.  To help refresh your memory, our three camps joined together and asked the Physician of Phun to come for the last day of staff training and teach games that could be used anywhere, and any time.  The training was fun and educational.  You were able to take a tired staff that had just finished a hard week of intense training and motivate and energize them into a staff that was ready to take on campers.  We had so much fun learning.  In fact it felt like play.  You taught us many games and then provided the books that described each game in detail so we could remember them later.  Little did I know that later would come the first week of camp.  Our first week of camp last year started with rain that lasted for 4 days of the 5-day camp.  We had a camp full of pinned up teenagers.  We needed to have some fun games that would keep campers interested and burn energy in a confined space.  Your games did all this and more.  We were able to keep the campers busy through 4 days of rain using the games in your books.  All the campers went home feeling like they had a great time and most of them came back for other sessions.  Thank you, the service you provided was well worth the money we spent.  In fact it paid for itself our first week of summer camp last year.  Keep up the good work.  Len Masengale, Executive Director, YMCA Camp

My name is Amanda Krejci and I teach at Sterling City ISD, Sterling City, Texas.  I first saw Mike many years ago at a TAHPERD convention.  I loved his material and bought many of his different game books.  I find something new every time I look. His games of fun don't require tons of equipment and are so easy to understand and play.  I introduced him to our Region Service Center and he has done numerous presentations for the teachers in this area.  He is outstanding and his material matches that too.  My kids love the games and never get tired of any of them.   You can not go wrong with Mike Spiller and his many games!

 Thanks a lot for putting great packets together and thanks also for the extras you included. We are using some of the ideas as indoor recess activities from a package I bought previously when you had a workshop in the Seattle area several years ago.  I also use your ideas for P.E. stations, introductory activities and ending activities. Alex Dail

Hi! I just wanted to send you an e-mail saying thanks! I was a counselor for 2 years and one of the co-camp directors last year for the City of Arlington. We always had trainings with you and they were always my favorite training days! =) Now, I'm an elementary education major at The University of Texas at Austin. I have a class about Physical Education and we had to find a game to teach to our class that requires little or no equipment and can be related to another academic area. Well, I want to say thank you because I had no trouble finding one! I remembered your website and now I'm just having trouble on deciding which game I want to teach. Thanks for everything you do and keep up the great work!
Lorelei Scanlan

 Dear Mr. Spiller,
On behalf of Fort Worth After School, I would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for your participation in our annual Fall Training.  We are deeply grateful for your support, generosity and expertise.  As you know, Fort Worth After School hosts two annual trainings for over 600 staff members who work at 74 program sites.  Your session provided unique programming to a multitude of students.
Our mission is to enable quality needs-based after school programs in a safe environment that result in educational, physical, and social development for elementary, middle, and high school students.  It is through the support of individuals like you that we are able to continue to strengthen our programs and to develop new and innovative opportunities to serve our youth, families and communities.
Your professionalism, timeliness, and materials were such a support to the staff and educators who attended that day.  I sincerely hope you will keep us in mind for future trainings.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if there is anything you need from Fort Worth After School. 

Amber Kwiatkowski / FWAS Coordinator / Fort Worth, TX

 Testimonial for Mike Spiller—A World of Games
When Mr. Spiller came into the classroom, the students were immediately drawn to him.  He was friendly with the students, and peaked their curiosity.  The games he set up around the classroom were so different, but they all had something in common:  they introduced diversity and teamwork to the students with a fun twist. When Mr. Spiller was explaining the games, I was worried the students would only care about winning, or the level of entertainment the games provided.  However, to my surprise, questions that were asked included “What country does this game come from?” or “What was it like playing the games with natives from that country?”  The students were enthralled with the history and skill behind the games.  When it came time to play the games, Mr. Spiller suggested that rather than a rotation, the students merely choose which game(s) they would like to play.  Again, I was worried that every student would line up behind one or two games.  Again, I was wrong!  The students took ownership of the experience and traveled around as they pleased to get a good idea of each game.  They interacted with classmates outside of their typical “cliques” and shared unique experiences that they had before been so timid to attempt.  Students were motivated and encouraged by Mr. Spiller.  They even told him that they wish they could have his job when they grow up!  Mr. Spiller opened doors of opportunity that my students continually step through each day by expanding their minds through the art of games.

Kimberly McGann / Forest Road School in LaGrange Park, IL

I survived my 1st field day, with help from you. I designed my field day using 10 of your games and fun ideas. Wow, we had a blast and I wanted to thank you for all you taught me in March at a Denton workshop. I’m still learning from your books and I’m glad I had the opportunity to meet you.  Please put me on your mailing list so I won't miss you next year.

Jan Tidwell / Lovejoy Elementary PE

 Hi Mike,
I just wanted to take a minute of your time to tell you that I attended your workshop at UCO in Edmond, Ok this past summer. Anyway, I have been playing several of your games with my classes so far this year and they are loving each one.  Thanks for some great ideas!

 My name is Debbi and I am the Aquatics Director for a Park and Recreation Commission.  My department also is responsible for Special Programs that are not sports.  About 4 years ago while attending a State Parks and Recreation Conference, I was blessed to attend a session presented by Mike Spiller.  From the moment I walked into the room I knew I was in for a treat.  The session was totally hands on with activities that kept us moving the entire time.  It got me to thinking about how easy it would be to take these activities and use them to create a Day Camp.  I had not ever pursued the idea of a day camp because the task of creating activities was way too much work.  To make a long story shorter, We have now completed 4 years of IYQ (I Like You) Summer Day Camp with huge successes.  Nearly all activities used at the 6 week camp are from Mike Spiller's books and ideas.  The kids love them, the counselors love them and I truly could not offer what we do without them.  I have used the same activities with 5 year olds, middle school students, teens, senior citizens, my lifeguards for team building and at my own family reunions.  My co-workers and family thought I was a genius---I would love to take credit for that kind of talent, but I ALWAYS fess up and let them know who the real genius is----Mike Spiller / Games of the World.  Thanks for making my life a whole lot easier.  Keep them coming!!!   Debbi Davidson, Arkansas City Recreation, Arkansas City, Kansas.

 Mike Spiller is great!  I have been associated with him for ten years and have nothing but positive experiences with him as a conference planner, in my own interactions at sessions and with him working directly with my camp staff and recreation leaders.  He helped springboard our Programming Our World (POW) Conferences several times as keynote speaker and session presenter and has also been dynamic at a variety of other conferences I have attended.  In addition, possibly the best experience we had was with our camp staff and recreation leaders...without a doubt you can't leave a session with Mike without being energized and having a full slate of practical and ready-to-go activities for children.  He is definitely a "can't miss" addition to any staff training or workshop!  Darren Hurley, CPRP / City of Dublin (OH) Recreation Services

 Good afternoon Mr. Spiller,
I attended your workshop in Mesquite last year and was absolutely blown away by your presentation! I am in a new school district now and have an average of 85 students per class. Unfortunately, through my move I have misplaced the handout we received during our in-service and I am desperate to implement your activities with my large classes. I wanted to know if I could get a copy of that handout again. I am sure you do many workshops and I am not sure if you have many different handouts. The one I am interested in had a lot of large group activities involving bean bags, hoola hoops, beach balls, etc. I would greatly appreciate a duplicate copy. Thanks so much for your consideration and I want to let you know that your workshop was the most helpful of any I have attended. Take care and I hope to hear from you soon.   Rebekah Chacón /
 / Physical Education / Harrison Intermediate School

 Mike Spiller has been a friend of this community for years after growing up here as a child.  He has been able to give back to the children that now reside in Bellaire.  In a day camp environment, with a lot of return business, it is that much more important to have variety.  Each year we pick up a handful of new games to add to those old favorites.  The attention levels rise as behavior problems fall with FUN new games each summer.  Mike's teaching style grabs the staff’s curiosity which makes it a much easier "sell".  Some of our favorite games each summer are courtesy of Games of the World.  Thanks Mike for continuing to be a presence in my summer camp. 
Buster Adams / Bellaire Parks and Recreation Director

You were awesome!!!  Everyone is still talking about how great your sessions were!!!!  Keep in touch.
Susie Gilinsky

Mike's Native American Trails Workshop offered the participants not only an opportunity to learn new games, but also a chance to learn more about the culture of many of the children they work with.  The participants all raved about the things they learned and shared it with others throughout the conference.  As the convener of the conference, I found that Mike is always on and ready to share his vast knowledge with others.  He is playful and helpful, stepping in to help out in any way he can.  Pam Collins / AAE Regional Director

Mikes presentation on the Indian games was fantastic. He incorporated the history of the games with the fun of the games. His workshops are very hands on and you also get a chance to make a lot of the items that you use for the games. We played many games throughout the day and even learned to play a blow dart game. The history and knowledge of the games makes you appreciate the culture even more!! 
Jennifer Wilbanks / Salesmanship Club /
Dallas Texas


Comments from some of the participants at the Ohio State Parks and Recreational Conference.

 Great to have a bunch of grand games demonstrated so I can go home and put them to work.

Better understanding of programming for youth and special needs.

Very entertaining and interesting – the time went so quick! 

I will benefit greatly… I now have games for my playground program and for inclusion activities.

 Mike was very professional; nice mix of fast and slow-paced activities.

 These were great team and inclusion game ideas.  Wonderful self-esteem building and acceptance activities.

 Wonderful presentation – very enthusiastic, caring, and informative.

 I feel so good after a session with the Texas Games Guru.

 Excellent – best seminar I have attended this year!

 I learned new games to use with my youth and senior programs

 Mike Spiller is great – he makes people smile!

A nice testimonial from a super educator in Minnesota / 2011

Mike Spiller taught all my PE classes and it was like a workshop for me. 
In the course of the day, Mike taught at least 50 games and activities. 
The students loved him and we had fresh new ideas.  Mr. Mike had activities appropriate for a variety of lyceums.
Mrs. J. Windom